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Advantage imaging Scan center
in Chennai

Advantage Imaging is an outpatient Radiology Imaging Centre at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It has been conceived with the objective of providing expert Radiology services to the city of Chennai at reasonable costs. Under the capable leadership of Dr Rochita Venkataramanan, an internationally acclaimed radiologist of 30+ years experience, the facility hopes to address several problem areas in Radiology offering innovative solutions using state of the art equipment.
Radiology is a relatively young branch of Medicine. Its history began in 1895 when Wilhelm Roentgen took the first Xray. This branch is dependent upon advances in the fields of engineering and computers. Recent years has seen dramatic improvements in various modalities used by this branch to scan the human body. Today Radiologist needs to perform scans on complex machines and interpret the thousands of sections that are obtained with the help of dedicated software on fast computers.
At Advantage Imaging, the team of Radiologists and technologists are highly skilled at such tasks with resultant improved accuracy. Tailored studies are performed to target specific disease conditions with enhanced wealth of information for the treating clinician. Detailed reports with images are a hallmark. These provide the clinician with a road map for the management.

Cheerful and spacious Clinic

With large and well ventilated waiting halls and Hepa filtered air conditioning in the scan rooms.


To provide basic, advanced and subspeciality expert Radiology services which would be accessible to all
To have high quality and be cost effective.
To prioritize patient care and serve the community with compassion, humility and hard work.
To establish honest and transparent work ethics and encourage and nurture all working with us.
To collaborate with clinical colleagues for medical research and innovation in the field of Radiology and Healthcare


Accurate and accessible Radiology reports for all patients by highly skilled Radiologists improving patient care outcomes. Encouraging innovative life-saving procedures and surgeries based on planning and innovations in Radiology imaging.

Dedicated and expert Radiologists

A professional and experienced radiology team skilled at performing comprehensive tests tailored to the patient condition

Compassionate Care

Our strong and experienced Nursing team attend to every patient with a compassionate and caring attitude

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